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Ultimate Play leagues are a great way to play organized Ultimate. We offer many different leagues throughout the year, from full field, 7v7 in the Spring, Summer, and Fall to fast-paced indoor 3v3 in the winter. Depending on the league, you can create your own team or be part of a draft, where teams are balanced to ensure a fun experience for players of all levels.

2023 Ultimate Play Leagues:

Fall League Registration

Come enjoy Ultimate Play’s fall league! With three youth divisions and an adult division, there is something for everyone.The adult league will be a draft league with baggage, meaning you can sign up with a friend or two! The draft ensures that teams are evenly matched and everyone has a chance to play. This year there is also the option to form your own team and register together.


All the games will be at Lakeside Park in Orem. The youth divisions will begin September 7 and play every Thursday until October 26. The adult division will begin a week later, September 14. Sign up now!

Winter Indoor 3v3 Leagues

Indoor 3v3 at Peaks Ice Arena is back! We will have two sessions of Indoor 3v3 this year. The first session will run Monday evenings from November 6 through December 18 and have elite, women, and recreation divisions. The cost will be $175 per team for six evenings of play.


The second session will run Monday evenings from January 8 through February 26 and have high school, masters, and recreation divisions. The cost will be $195 per team for eight evenings of play.


Registration will be for teams only, so have your team captain register. There will only be six teams per division so sign up now to enjoy some fast-paced ultimate! 


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