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Ultimate Play Academy 

What is Academy?

Registration Link

Ultimate Play Academy is a program to help continue the growth of our higher level youth athletes during the fall and winter months following YCC. It is designed for participation following the end of the fall UUDA mixed season. We are looking to provide higher level reps to anyone who is looking to continue the growth of their game during the whole year.

We are excited about the 100+ individual athletes that we had attend our various "pre-season mixers and camps." We also received tons of beneficial feedback from the community as to how we can best serve you all. Through all of this we have decided it would be best to reframe this fall Academy programming. It was clear to us that the youth ultimate athletes of Utah lead very ambitious lives and thus have very full schedules during the current UUDA season so instead of trying to compete we are aiming to provide more chance to enhance your game during off-season by learning more from Bryce and Mack. We are looking into our options for providing access to some indoor field time which is a valuable commodity for ultimate players during the cold winter months ahead.

Currently we are looking to host a few off-season camps for around 3 hours after the end of season UUDA tournament on November 5th. Each camp will have individual registration and cost $25-35 depending on if it is indoor or outdoor. We are working on finalizing some of these dates, but will update the below calendar with dates, times, locations, and registration links as we confirm.

Calendar and Sign-up Link: - Register Here

Saturday, November 12th from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM at Galena Hills Park in Draper

Saturday, December 10th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman

The Cache Valley community has also decided to continue their planned Academy practices on Tuesday evenings with coaches Paul De Morgan and Tony Mounga. If you live in that area and are interested in more details about participating with them, email us.

Who are we?

Technical Directors - Bryce Merrill & Mack Perkett

  • Responsible for creating curriculum of Academy

    • Includes creating terminology, queues, and check-downs​

  • Leads team camps

  • Reviewing film to help connect our Academy to the Shred and Wild and vice versa

Program Director - Cole Stenseth

  • Back end communication and logistics

  • Booking fields, sending email blasts to whole Academy, answering questions, ordering swag, etc.

Contact Us

We understand this is our first year trying to run this program we are also working through speed bumps as they arise so if you have any questions, comments, concern, etc. about anything you see or that we are doing, please feel free to reach out to us at

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