Ultimate Play Academy 

What is Academy?

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Ultimate Play Academy is a program to help continue the growth of our higher level youth athletes during the fall and winter months following YCC. It is designed to be participated in adjacently to the UUDA fall mixed league. We are looking to provide higher level reps to anyone who is looking 

We will start the season with a few upcoming evaluation/tryout events. We use the term "tryouts" tentatively as these events are mostly for our coaches to make sure that our players are meeting a baseline standard of knowledge and skill that we have set at the minimum to participate in our program.

Our 120-150 selected athletes will partake in weekly "pod" practices, mostly consisting of players in your local area, led by Area Head coaches who will be given specific practice plans and instructions from our Technical Director Bryce Merrill. These lessons handed down from Bryce will help us develop a common terminology and ultimate theory among our athletes so that when we all meet up for full Academy events approximately every other weekend, we will be able to all effectively communicate and play together. Our pods locations are not final yet as they will be somewhat needs based, depending on where our population of athletes hails from, but we roughly expect teams in Provo/Orem, SLC, Logan/Cache, Davis, Highland, and Boise/Idaho.  These combined weekend events will have elements of both a camp style event with players drilling more focused skills as well as tournaments with games among teams. 

Our Academy will function as a wholistic single team. The pods that you will practice with will be the team you play with sometimes, but other weekend we may do mixed 5v5 or boys and girls 7v7 or full hat style tournaments so everyone will get plenty of exposure to playing with new players. We expect that many of our athletes will go on to make up future Swarm YCC teams that will compete together against other states at the yearly US Open tournament.

In addition to a weekly practice and events on some weekends, Academy athletes will have access to our full network of coaches as resources, weekly workout videos created by Own-It-Fitness that are designed to be done at home in order to target injury prevention and some slight athletic development, and an array of swag that we are planning to give to all of our athletes like full kits and bags.

Registration is open now for anyone who is interested in attending any or all of our evaluation sessions. $10 gets you into any and all of those that you can attend and if you are selected as one of our athletes then we will count that $10 towards your first month of dues. We expect Academy dues to be about $75 per player per month from September through December.

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Who are we?

We are currently looking to hire a second technical coordinator as well needing to hire all of our head and assistant area coaches. While personal ultimate experience is a plus, our primary desire is people who are passionate about growing the sport and comfortable working with youth athletes. The technical director and head coaches will receive a monetary stipend to pay them for their time and contribution. If any of these positions are something you'd be interested in, please fill out our Academy Coaching Application.

*we will update below as we fill positions*

Technical Directors - Bryce Merrill & TBD

  • Responsible for creating curriculum of Academy

    • Includes creating terminology, queues, and check-downs​

  • Acts as a mentor to all area coaches​

  • Leads monthly team camps

  • Reviewing film to help connect our Academy to the Shred and Wild and vice versa

  • Holding weekly coaches meetings

Program Director - Cole Stenseth

  • Back end communication and logistics

  • Booking fields, sending email blasts to whole Academy, answering questions, ordering swag, etc.

Locational Head Coaches -  Looking to Hire 6

  • Manage area specific team communications

  • Leading a weekly pod practice

  • Attend weekly coaching meetings with our Technical Directors

  • Attend team camps and monthly tournaments

Locational Assistant Coaches - Looking to hire multiple

  • Assisting Head Coaches with their duties

  • Develop coaching and leadership skills through work with head coach and directors

Calendar (Date/Event/Time/Location) *not all locations are confirmed so we will update this as often as possible as we get confirmation*

August 18 - Pre Mixer

August 23/24/25 - Tryouts (ID, Logan, SLC, Lehi?)

Sept 5 - Team Camp Throws, Resets, 3v3 Tournament Afternoon Academy Division

Sept 17 - 7v7 Tournament Phases of Offense; Mixed

October 8 - Team Camp: Cutting, Zones, Red Zone

October 15 - 5v5 Tournament: Boys, Girls Divisions

October 29 - 7s Tournament: Location Teams (Boys and Girls)

Nov 5 - Team Camp: Phases of Defense, Cover 3

November 19 - Tournament (4 Teams Elite, 4 teams comp); 

Dec 3 - Team Camp: Marking, Footwork, S

Contact Us

We understand this is a lot of information and seeing as this is our first year trying to run this program we are also working through problems as they arise so if you have any questions, comments, concern, etc. about anything you see or that we are doing, please feel free to reach out to us at info@ultimateplayut.com